Jeep Scrambler Restoration Update

It’s been a few months since I have provided an update on the restoration of my 1985 Jeep Scrambler. There isn’t much cosmetic updates that have been done, but below is a list of the mechanical items that I have completed:

– Removed all vacuum lines
– Removed stock carburetor and replaced it with a MC2150 carb (huge improvement)
– Removed all unnecessary sensors and the computer
– Replaced clutch, throw out bearing,
– Replaced front and rear output shaft on transfer case
– Cleaned transmission
– Cleaned and painted transfer case
– Replaced u-joints on front and rear drive shafts
– Replaced fuel sending unit
– Replaced fuel pump
– Replaced rear main seal, oil pump and oil pan gasket
– Replaced plastic valve cover with aluminum valve cover
– Replaced rear axle seals
– Replaced exhaust from engine to tailpipe

I am sure I missed a few items but this is a good update on what has been done. I will upload pictures shortly to show things where you can tell a difference.

Next in line to get completed is:

– Fix cracks in doors
– Update hoses on A/C and get A/C working
– Lift and tires
– Replace windshield

Here’s one updated picture:

Jeep Scrambler on Daytona Beach

Jeep Scrambler on Daytona Beach

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