Jeep CJ8 Scrambler Update

Current update and some questions. Then I will start a thread on the restoration project!

Here’s what’s been done:
– Replaced following fluids: oil, coolant, transfer case and power steering (looked like motor oil). Look:

Jeep power steering fluid

Jeep power steering fluid

– Checked brakes and brake fluid. Pads look good, but the fluid is in desperate need of changing
– Replaced seats that came with jeep. Keeping original seats and waiting to decide if I will get them re-done for factory look
– Clean up motor and spent 2 hours on my back trying to clean up the frame and under body. Engine Cleaner and brushes. Looks good but still dirty with grime and grease. I know I’m out of shape because I woke up the next day with a sore stomach from doing crunches while cleaning the underside.
– Removed dash pad and hardtop to check it out. Dash pad will stay off for now.
– Have bought new door window seals and door weather stripping
– Doors have stress cracks that will need to be repaired. I have a friend that can help with this since I am welding challenged, but willing to learn.
– Fixed passenger side door lock
– Replaced seat belts because one was locked and the other was a little rough operating
– Have driven to check out handling and overall it runs great and steady.

Things to do to get started:
– Finish cleaning. Any suggestions on the best grease cutting cleaner to clean the frame and under body? I have used the Engine Cleaner and it is ok, but looking for something better that won’t damage hose and gaskets. Thinking of trying Krud Kutter.
– Replace transmission fluid. ATF or gear oil? I have read and there seems to be pros and cons to this. I saw in the Borg-Warner manual it says to go with ATF and I tend to follow the manuals. What are your thoughts?
– Replace brake fluid
– Replace differential fluids. What weight do you run in the front and rear? Same or different?
– Need to replace exhaust. Any suggestions? Inline 6-258 motor.
– Plan to replace all frame bolts with stainless steel
– Need to replace door panels
– Polish rims
– Need windshield replaced. Not sure if this is something I can do or whether I should leave it to the professionals.
– All gauges appear to work other than maybe the gas gauge. Still waiting to determine. Will need to replace lights on a couple of the gauges.
– Need to get AC checked out and operational. Must have living in South Florida
– Will be upgrading rear shafts to solid shafts
– Not sure if I am going to do a frame off restoration at this point because it is really in good shape. I’ll decide that once I get into it a little more.

I think that ought to keep me busy for awhile. I am going on vacation for a week to rest and relax before I begin all the hard work.

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