Five Guys Burgers Are The Best…

Tonight my girl and I were dying for a good burger.  She has never had the benefit of experiencing a Five Guys Burger, so off we went for me to introduce her to her first experience of a Five Guys Burger.  I love Five Guys Burgers because of its simplistic atmosphere and great homemade hamburgers. 

I ordered the LARGE bacon cheesburger with all the fixins and she ordered the LARGE hamburger with some of the basic condiments.  We also ordered a small order of their cajun fries, because I like a little spice with my meals, even though she doesn’t necessarily like the hot stuff.  (Other than me!) Lol!

She was impressed with the way the burger was fixed as well as the taste of it.  Of course I liked it because I keep going back when I have a craving for a good burger.  My girl didn’t necessarily like the cajun fries even though she ate them.  They continued to remind her that she didn’t like spicy food even after we left.  

She is definitely hooked and now I have a partner to go back for a good burger anytime!  Can’t wait for my next trip to Five Guys Burgers.

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