Cobra Long Shots Installation – Honda VTX 1300


I have been needing to upgrade my exhaust on my 2005 Honda VTX 1300 for some time. I finally did my research and decided on purchasing the Cobra Long Shots Exhaust from Cobra USA.  I purchased the kit from Cruiser Customizing because of their great service and free shipping. I was completely satisfied with the processing and shipping of my order from Cruiser Customizing.

To help others out, I tried to make an installation video of my installation. During the filming of the video I had an issue with the camera, so I missed a small part of the installation process, however I still think the video is helpful.

Thanks for viewing and I hope it was helpful.

Here is a picture of the Cobra Longshots installed on the bike. Don’t mind the primer bags because they will be painted shortly.

Cobra Long Shots

Cobra Long Shots

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