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This is a late response to our Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcycle Ride from last summer, but I was going through pictures and wanted to update the site with details from our trip.

We left South Florida on a Friday night and drove all the way to North Carolina going straight up I-95. We stopped in Savannah,GA for lunch and in Charleston, SC for dinner. In Savannah we ate on river street and actually took our bikes down the cobblestone rode. I’m not sure I would do that again and recommend it for anyone else on a bike.  We drove over 700 miles on the first day, which was a long ride, but not difficult.

On Saturday we got up early to head to the Northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We ended up staying in Waynesboro, PA, which doesn’t have much to do in this little town. On Sunday morning we go up to hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and head south with our intended destination of Mt. Airy. We figured this was about the half way point, and a good place to stop because this was the town that the Andy Griffith show and the town of Mayberry was modeled after. More on that later.

Not many pictures to share from the north end of the ride, but I have videos from the ride on Youtube that can be found here –

Here are a couple pictures from the first day of the ride.

Blue Ridge Parkway    Blue Ridge Parkway Group

We made it to Mt. Airy as we had planned. Our plans for the next day of the ride was to get up and do a little siteseeing in Mt. Airy and then try to make it to Maggie Valley, NC. While in Mt. Airy we did a stroll down main street to check it out. While there we went into Floyd’s City Barber Shop and believe it or not he still works and cuts hair. Here are some pictures from our trip down main street:

Main Street Mt. Airy, NC

Main street Mt. Airy, NC

 Floyd the Barber

Floyd's City Barber Shop

Floyd’s City Barber Shop

Floyd the Barber

Floyd the Barber

Mayberry Memories

Mayberry Memories – Mt. Airy, NC.

Opie's Candy Store

Opie’s Candy Store – Mt. Airy, NC

Opie's Candy Store

Opie’s Candy Store – Mt. Airy, NC

Mayberry Trading Post

Mayberry Trading Post – Mt. Airy, NC.

After our quick siteseeing trip down main street in Mt. Airy we head down the Blue Ridge Parkway to Maggie Valley, NC.  I’m glad we stopped because it brought back childhood memories of watching the Andy Griffith Show.

Mt. Mitchell

Mt. Mitchell – highest point east of the Mississippi

Mt. Mitchell View

View from the top of Mt. Mitchell

View from Mt. Mitchell

View from Mt. Mitchell

Once we made the rest of the trip to Maggie Valley, we stayed at the Maggie Valley Inn and Conference Center (  Great place to stay and they are motorcycle friendly.  The owner is a bike rider that is more than willing to give you suggestions for where to ride while you stay there.


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